Teens and Adults with Autistic Siblings

You are not alone.

As siblings, we have a lot to juggle, including our jobs, social life, family life, and taking care of ourselves. We also have a wonderful sibling whom we feel no one else understands. Being a sibling, we know what makes them happy, what makes them angry, and their different behaviors.

Growing up, I felt isolated from my friends becuase I felt that they would not understand my sibling on the Autism Spectrum. I did not think they would be ok with his behaviors or his occasional outbursts. I was afraid to have friends come over for this reason, and it was lonely. As time went on, I found that more people are understanding of my brother’s behaviors because they know someone with an intellectual disability.

Some common thoughts that siblings have include: What happens when my siblings caregiver passes away; how do I navigate their needs if I became their caregiver; my sibling is going to be bullied if I am not there to protect them and explain to everyone their behaviors; my siblings plays a part of my life decisions; will my sibling have a meltdown if I take them to an event; I cant do “normal” sibling things with them.

Many siblings feel sadness, grief, anxiety, guilt, as well as joy and happiness. Some may not feel like they can share these feelings with anyone. If you feel that you need some to talk to and process these emotions, please reach out.

I want to let you know you are not alone and I want to help you through life’s challenges while also keeping your sibling in mind. If you would like to schedule a phone consultation, feel free to email me at markholt@lifehasmanydoorsmft.com.