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(He/Him/His) Aside from playing Dungeons and Dragons, listening to jazz, and practicing origami, I enjoy helping others work through life’s changes. I am an Austin therapist who works collaboratively with people and I use the tools that I have acquired through my education and training to help groups and individuals discover a better life.

I earned a Bachelor of Psychology degree from Southeastern Louisiana University and a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University. At Nova, I worked with a wide range of clients stemming from different ages, backgrounds, and cultures.

Since moving to Austin, I have fallen in love with the music and culture of the area (even if the allergy seasons are rough). I like chilling at Mozarts on the river and listening to the live music! I have also enjoyed exploring the different parts of the city from the busier downtown life to the slower parks that are scattered throughout the city.

I work from a collaborative, trauma focused perspective; meaning that I recognize and emphasize how one’s own traumatic experiences can shape their current well-being. My goal is to work together with you or someone you know to discover another door in your life.

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Mark Holt LMFT-A