Autism in the Family

Today I have for you a list of resources and lists for people with children with an intellectual disability. Whether your a parent, sibling, or other family member, there is something for everyone!

This first link is to a list of things parents want you to know about autism. For the person with someone with autism, you may have felt some of these before. To me, this link shows that families with someone with an intellecutal disability are not alone. Similar feelings can be felt from many different families. You are not alone! This is a list of groups going on in Texas! The Texas Autism Society is also an excellent resource for Autism

The next couple of resources are for siblings of people with intellectual disabilities.


This is a good link for parents to better understand what other siblings in the family may be going through and their needs as they develop and grow.

This link is a list of resources for adult siblings. More often than not, adult siblings’ needs tend to go unnoticed due to them being, well, adults. That does not mean that having a sibling with intellectual disabilites does not effect them. This list puts more emphasis on the adult sibling.

This video (posted in February 2019, so it is pretty recent) goes through a BUNCH of resources for adult siblings!

I hope these links can be helpful to you! Take care of yourselves until next time!


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