Finding the feel good music

I came across this article in graduate school talking about a Reddit community coming together to create ” Perfect Everything Will Be OK” playlist. After reading the article (and listening to the playlist, it was pretty good), I brought the idea into my group therapy class, but with a twist. Rather than just taking the playlist and giving it to my classmates, I asked them to create their own playlists. I presented them with the task to purposefully create playlists for when they’re feeling some type of way. A playlist for when they’re sad, for when they’re mad, for when they’re happy, whatever you can think of! Music can be a wonderful tool into mental health, which I will be exploring in the coming months.

If you feel that pull to make a playlist, lean into it. You never know what songs you’ll find that you forgot existed. If you need some inspiration, here is the article I mentioned

Take care of yourselves until next time.


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